Iwona Kuźmińska tłumacz przysięgły języka angielskiego
Studio Usług Lingwistycznych
Mając świadomość znaczenia moich słów i odpowiedzialności przed prawem, przyrzekam uroczyście, że powierzone mi zadania tłumacza przysięgłego będę wykonywać sumiennie i bezstronnie, dochowując tajemnicy prawnie chronionej oraz kierując się w swoim postępowaniu uczciwością i etyką zawodową.
Treść roty ślubowania tłumacza przysięgłego składanego zgodnie z Art.7  Ustawy z dnia 25 listopada 2004  o zawodzie tłumacza przysięgłego (Dz. U. z dnia 27 grudnia 2004 r.)

Reliable, Accurate and Faithful
I have a Master’s degree in English from the Jagiellonian University.  I was granted a licence to practise the profession of Sworn Translator in 1991  (number  TP 2857/05 on the list of Sworn Translators kept by the Minister of Justice)  and since then I have been providing translation and interpretation services to state authorities, such as police, court and the prosecutor’s office, as well as individual clients. With my expertise and 20 years of  experience I offer a broad range of certified, ordinary and specialist translations.

  • birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • diplomas, official school and university transcripts, work reports, and medical reports
  • regulatory documents, such as power of attorney, agreements,  purchase contracts, notarial deeds, and Article and Memorandum of Association
  •  bank account statements
  • UK registration certificates, Certificates of Title of a Motor Vehicle (USA), motor insurance schedules, and sales invoices
  • literary texts
  •  legal texts
  • academic and scientific papers
  • technical documents (subject areas of electrical engineering and information technology being my expertise)
  • personal correspondence
  • court and police interpreting
  • assistance in dealing with public, healthcare and social services
  • assistance in business related matters (conferences, meetings and negotiations)
I also provide proofreading and certification services.  
“Being aware of the significance of my words and my liability before the law, I do solemnly affirm that I will perform the tasks of a sworn translator entrusted to me with due diligence and impartiality keeping  state secrets and other secrets protected by the law, as well as following, in my conduct, the rules of honesty and professional ethics”. The oath taken by Sworn Translators. 



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